Flourish Your Career With MBA In Mumbai Pune And Kolkata And Have A Promising Future

The number of Business Colleges in India is mounting to a great extent because of rise in competition and number of students who opt for MBA degree courses. Students now move away from their native places in search of better education prospects. If you are looking for MBA in Mumbai, MBA in Pune or MBA in Kolkata then this is a well thought decision as these cities have great career opportunities for the aspiring individuals. Here is the list of top MBA colleges in these three main cities for the students who are keen on getting admission to these colleges which provide a platform to the students concerning their career.

Top MBA Colleges in Mumbai:

Planning MBA in Mumbai? Being one of the main cities of the nation, Mumbai speaks well of some of the top MBA colleges which are either administered by government or they are administered by private institutions. Some of the well known and top MBA colleges in Mumbai are listed below:

1. NMIMS University

2. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research

3. Jamanlal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

4. Welingkar Institute of Management

5. Shailesh J Mehta School of Management

6. K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

7. Tata Institute of Social Sciences

8. ITM Business School

9. SIES College of Management Studies

10. National Institute of Industrial Engineering

Top MBA Colleges in Pune:

Planning to pursue MBA in Pune? Well Pune is considered as one of the Oxford of the East, and so it boasts of some of the top MBA Colleges in Pune which are either run by the government or they are run by the private institutions. Here is the list of colleges:

1. Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

2. Sinhgad Institute of Management

3. Indira Institute of Management

4. Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology

5. International School of Business and Media

6. Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies and Research

7. Maharashtra Institute of technology

8. International School of Business and Media

9. IIT Pune (International Institute of Information Technology)

10. SuryaDatta Institute of Management and Information Research

Top MBA Colleges in Kolkata:

MBA in Kolkata is another wise option for the candidates who desire opting for the same. Well acknowledged as social and cultural capital of the country, the city prides of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata which are opted for by many students from all across the world. So here is the list of top colleges of Kolkata:

1. IIM Calcutta

2. Army Institute of Management

3. Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management

4. Binary Academy of Management and Technology

5. Accord School of Business

6. Academy of Professional Excellence

7. St. Xavier’s College – Kolkata

8. MayFair Business School

9. Alchemy Leadership School

10. Indian Institute of Bio-Social Research and Development

All the students who desire getting admission to these top MBA colleges must prepare for the MBA entrance exams and achieve good percentile, for only then they will be able to get admission in such college and make a flourishing career.

College Books – Tips And Tricks For Saving Money

College books are getting more and more expensive every year. University course textbooks are one of the biggest expenses of attending college and the average amount of money needed for college books is $800 per year. The cost of college textbooks is also constantly increasing by around 6% per year. Textbooks are essential for most college courses and can often seem impossible to afford however, it is possible for college students to save quite a bit of money on their books by shopping smart.

One of the best ways to save on spending a lot of money on college books is to borrow them instead of purchasing them. University libraries have a good stock of required reading books that students can use on the premises throughout their course and help lessen the impact of not having enough money for actually purchasing college books. Naturally the majority of savvy students have cottoned on to the fact that they too can save money on college books by using the ones stocked by the library so it may be difficult to be able to find the book not in use on a regular basis. If you plan ahead and set aside a few different times of the day and week to visit the library you may find the best options for you to be able to use the college books that you want. Not everyone wants to study late in the evenings, especially at weekends, but if your library is open and you are intent on finding ways to save on spending money for college books then this could be the perfect time.

Another avenue that may work to save spending a lot of money on college books is to approach your course professor. They will often have a huge stock of college books that they have acquired through various means over the years and it is a good idea to see if you can borrow a particular book that they may have. Not only may this help but you be able to find out if certain college books are really required for the course or if you are only going to need a chapter or two from them. With this advance knowledge you can obtain a copy of the book for a short period of time from the library or another student who has bought the book and read the relevant chapters without having to fork out the money for college books that you won?t necessarily need.

How Trustworthy Is An Online Degree? Myths Surrounding Online Education

Online education provides a way to balance work and family life while studying to better yourself professionally. Distance education is a method of studying that is private, flexible and convenient. Students can design a schedule that suits them, as opposed to attending classes that are set by the school.

Is an online degree equivalent to a degree obtained offline? Indeed, they hold the same weight, as long as you choose an online school that is regionally accredited. It is best to find a school that has been accredited by the appropriate regional association in order for your degree to be as legitimate as a degree obtained from a physical college in the real world.

Here are some myths surrounding online programs and the truths:

Myth #1: Online schools are not as worthwhile as traditional schools.
An online education is every bit as worthwhile as any other type of education, as long as the student chooses the proper program and puts effort into the studies. The opportunity to interact with instructors is available while studying online, and there is plenty of software available to facilitate this.

Myth #2: Online degrees are not as widely accepted by prospective employers.
This is not an issue as long as you study online at an accredited school. However, avoid studying through a phony school or what are known as ?diploma mills.?

Myth #3: Credits received through a distance learning university cannot be transferred to other learning institutions, including either online schools or offline schools.
If you have credits and/or a diploma from an online school that is accredited by the correct agency, transferring credits will not present a problem at all.

Myth #4: If the school is accredited, it will yield an excellent level of education.
You have to be careful with this one. Diploma mill schools can fool students by creating accrediting agencies that actually do not exist. If you want your hard work for your online degree to pay off and to be accepted as many places as possible, it MUST come from an online school that has been granted accreditation by one of the six nationally recognized regional agencies in the United States.

Myth #5: Online colleges offer a speedier and simpler education than conventional colleges.
There are online schools that offer accelerated programs, while others allow students to work towards their degree at a pace that is right for them.

Break the myths surrounding distance learning and take your education to the next level with an accredited online degree.

How To Sell Used Textooks At Simon Fraser University

1. The SFU Bookstore does allow you to sell your books back to them, but try to avoid this as it does mean you’ll get significantly less money for them than you would if you sold them independently. Quick cash is one thing, but if you hold out you could double your money and stop the SFU bookstore from taking their cut too.

2. International classifieds ad sites are options you might consider when selling your used textbooks. But remember, these are only sorted by date. So it’s difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for a lot of the time as a buyer. As a seller however, remember that your posts only really stay current until they are moved to the bottom of the daily list. This makes it tough to keep track of.

3. On Campus is another option. But selling your books outside the SUB isn’t the best method of getting your books sold.

4. You could try selling your used books during your SFU classes to other students. The chances are though that you’ll find they already have the books you’re looking to unload.

5. One of the best methods is to sell your SFU used books to people online through a student portal. The best one is SFUBOOKS

The last method of selling books is possibly the easiest. You don’t have to leave your home or even get up off the couch. Posting your used books to a SFU student-specific portal means they’re very quickly indexed and easy for others students to search for.

Students can just go to their specific course category, such as POL or ECON subject and they’ll be able to find your textbooks.