How Trustworthy Is An Online Degree? Myths Surrounding Online Education

Online education provides a way to balance work and family life while studying to better yourself professionally. Distance education is a method of studying that is private, flexible and convenient. Students can design a schedule that suits them, as opposed to attending classes that are set by the school.

Is an online degree equivalent to a degree obtained offline? Indeed, they hold the same weight, as long as you choose an online school that is regionally accredited. It is best to find a school that has been accredited by the appropriate regional association in order for your degree to be as legitimate as a degree obtained from a physical college in the real world.

Here are some myths surrounding online programs and the truths:

Myth #1: Online schools are not as worthwhile as traditional schools.
An online education is every bit as worthwhile as any other type of education, as long as the student chooses the proper program and puts effort into the studies. The opportunity to interact with instructors is available while studying online, and there is plenty of software available to facilitate this.

Myth #2: Online degrees are not as widely accepted by prospective employers.
This is not an issue as long as you study online at an accredited school. However, avoid studying through a phony school or what are known as ?diploma mills.?

Myth #3: Credits received through a distance learning university cannot be transferred to other learning institutions, including either online schools or offline schools.
If you have credits and/or a diploma from an online school that is accredited by the correct agency, transferring credits will not present a problem at all.

Myth #4: If the school is accredited, it will yield an excellent level of education.
You have to be careful with this one. Diploma mill schools can fool students by creating accrediting agencies that actually do not exist. If you want your hard work for your online degree to pay off and to be accepted as many places as possible, it MUST come from an online school that has been granted accreditation by one of the six nationally recognized regional agencies in the United States.

Myth #5: Online colleges offer a speedier and simpler education than conventional colleges.
There are online schools that offer accelerated programs, while others allow students to work towards their degree at a pace that is right for them.

Break the myths surrounding distance learning and take your education to the next level with an accredited online degree.