How To Sell Used Textooks At Simon Fraser University

1. The SFU Bookstore does allow you to sell your books back to them, but try to avoid this as it does mean you’ll get significantly less money for them than you would if you sold them independently. Quick cash is one thing, but if you hold out you could double your money and stop the SFU bookstore from taking their cut too.

2. International classifieds ad sites are options you might consider when selling your used textbooks. But remember, these are only sorted by date. So it’s difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for a lot of the time as a buyer. As a seller however, remember that your posts only really stay current until they are moved to the bottom of the daily list. This makes it tough to keep track of.

3. On Campus is another option. But selling your books outside the SUB isn’t the best method of getting your books sold.

4. You could try selling your used books during your SFU classes to other students. The chances are though that you’ll find they already have the books you’re looking to unload.

5. One of the best methods is to sell your SFU used books to people online through a student portal. The best one is SFUBOOKS

The last method of selling books is possibly the easiest. You don’t have to leave your home or even get up off the couch. Posting your used books to a SFU student-specific portal means they’re very quickly indexed and easy for others students to search for.

Students can just go to their specific course category, such as POL or ECON subject and they’ll be able to find your textbooks.